Sadako, who lived her life to the fullest under the sky of Hiroshima, and Miki, who kept making announcements for the evacuation at the Great East Japan Earthquake. This is a story about these two young souls.

The atomic bomb landed 70 years ago, and the Great East Japan Earthquake left devastation four years ago. To commemorate those tragedies, we are holding the play “Life - A Zest For Living” in hopes that people will feel the importance of those lives lost once again. In addition, during the tsunami following the earthquake, there were some deaf people who could not receive the evacuation announcement and lost their lives. Therefore, we are delighted to include sign language during the play as it is our hope that even more people can enjoy it. We would like to spread this heartwarming play and theme.

Act One ― Senbazuru, 1,000 origami cranes of Sadako
Sadako is exposed to the atomic bomb when she is two years old, leading to leukemia, and she ends her short life at the age of twelve.
While she is fighting her condition, she never shows her struggle, but she always thinks about her family and keeps a smile on her face.
Sadako spends the last years of her life folding paper cranes while confronting her life that no one except her family understands.

Act Two – A letter from Miki
Miki Endo keeps making announcements for evacuation at the disaster control center, which eventually leads to her death.
The image and voice of Miki, who learns sign language plays an active role in helping others, which is etched into the memory of many people.
After the earthquake, her mother, Emiko, keeps a journal as if she were writing letters to her daughter in heaven. Three years later, a letter is discovered in Miki’s room - a letter written by her daughter.

Universal design tools will be available;
Hug Me(hugging vibration speaker systems), body sensory sound system, “clear direct arrayed” speaker systems and more!

Yuji Sasaki – Singer-songwriter (Sadako’s nephew)
Takashi Shozaki – Playwright and Actor (Deaf)
Manami Mito – Sign singer

Mami Kaneko (Deaf), Midori Kita (Deaf), Yumiko Igarashi (Deaf), Eiko Yamamoto, Satoko Iwasaki, Akira Sada

Date: Wednesday 29th APRIL, 2015 (National Holiday)
Doors Open: 13:30
Show Starts: 14:00
2nd floor, Honkan(Main bldg.), Mozart Hall, Katsushika Symphony Hills

Adult - 3,500 yen
Student - 2,500 yen
Child - 2,000 yen
Group of 10 - 30,000 yen (Please contact the organizer.)
*Child: under 12 years old.
**500 yen more at the door.

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